Lockwood New York

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Our guiding principle is simple —make products with men at the forefront of everything.  

Men’s skincare is usually an after-thought and not up to your standards today.  Your choices have been cheap and toxic.  Or natural but ineffective.  Or simply feminine. That doesn’t cut it with us. So here is what we did.

  • We set out to build a brand with men in mind.  Your preferences.  Your skin’s needs.
  • We kept it natural.  Your skin is a renewable resource.  We treat it that way.
  • We kept it local.  We source everything as close to home as possible.  The best supplier is the nearest supplier. 
  • We kept it premium.  Our ingredients are the best nature offers for their function, carefully balanced and blended.
  • We did it by hand in the tradition of the craftsman.  In small batches.  With perfection, care and pride. And it all comes together at our Lab at Lockwood Farm. 

Lockwood New York. Natural Skincare Made In The Hudson Valley.