Carina Liebeknecht - Founder Lockwood New York

Meet Our Founder

Lockwood New York started as a personal passion project. I have suffered from sensitive skin all my life and learned to take care of it from an early age. I became quite label aware and increasingly concerned with harsh and potentially damaging ingredients found in skincare. Not able to find products that addressed my daily skin needs and appealed to me aesthetically, I started Lockwood New York.

I grew up in Germany where there has always been a strong tradition of clean, efficacious skin care. This apothecary-style approach to all natural skincare not only served as an inspiration but became our guiding principle.

My goal is simple: create luxurious skincare products that indulge the sense and leave your skin feeling nourished and taken care of - naturally.

Carina Liebeknecht
CEO + Founder


Made With Care In The Hudson Valley

Lockwood Farm

Lockwood Farm

All of our products are made on Lockwood Farm located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York, the Hudson Valley.  In our lab, we blend our products with carefully selected ingredients in small batches.  We control at all times what goes into our products and where it came from.

The farm sits on 165 acres in Wappinger’s creek watershed with over 100 acres of active farmland. The farm itself was put into a conservation trust to protect against future development and ensure it will always be farmland.

It’s home to diverse flora and fauna such as walnut, maple and cedar and hemlock trees. We have spotted great blue herons, red tailed hawks, bald eagles, pheasants, fox, coyote and black bear.